09 July 2015

My situation hasn’t changed the perpetrators continued to torture through the month of june till the moment of writing. My mother is still being hit with dew (throat and other parts) and voice to skull is still being applied.
As for me my genitals are being maimed slowly and painfully, each fucking day the skin falls off because of epidermic necrolysis in the radiated area (testicles penis and adjacent areas).

My blatter and prostate are also being hit i have a hard time urinating and it burns. The colon and big intestine is also being scorched each fucking day. There is always a lot off blood mixed in my stools.

The fact that i’m fasting the month of rammadan which means essentially not eating or drinking from sunrise till sunset means nothing for the perpetrators and they simply continued to fry my gentals and lower body parts like mentioned above.

They tortured the pet dog of mother (a female jack russel / pittbull mix) all these years and it finally succumbed to it’s cancer which has been concentrated in one of it’s breasts until it spread over it’s entire belly.

So my mother’s dog died on the 6th of july. The satanic turd at home couldn’t withstand the pleasure of terrorizing my mother even on such a grievous day. That dog was +/- 14 years old and was like a child to my mother.

On the day she died my mother asked me to phone the funeral center for pets, at that time the turd came in bargin, started to scream shout bark ect. He felt the need to terrorize her or at least was asked by some other turd who usually gives him the order to do so. A certain fag who probably got exited when that poor creature died in agonizing pain.

It was so bad that my mother didn’t or rather couldn’t cry. She was sitting in front of the dog and the turd was sitting in the neighborhood looking at his cellphone with a smile on his face.
Which is what he usually does while torturing. It means that i have to service the fag in orther for the torture to stop. Good old fashioned blackmail.

While barking he was also trying to blame her for the death of this poor dog and doing all sorts of sick shit to make her feel even more miserable. This is truly beyond animal behaviour. He tortured her while that dog was lying dead in front of her.

He also decided to bury her in God only knows where he took the body. Frankly i think he just dumped her into a trash dump (wouldn’t surprise me at all!) He did this while my mother didn’t agree with that descision.

This is what happens when a devilworshipper is allowed at home. I warned her when he came back in 2014 to refuse to let him in but she was too naive and couldn’t see his wickedness.

It goes without saying that this has been accompanied by stalking and failed street theater bullshit as well. Like putting trucks with veterinary advertising on them of dogs but also people wearing the favourite colour of the fag (pink and purple). This is him boasting off his latest accomplishments…. (something he is probably really proud off!)

I will end this update by putting some pictures of our deceased dog. The pictures are actually taken when the dog was still alive in 2014. I couldn’t take a shot after it was dead because i have no photo camera at my disposal. So these will have to do.

Image4218  Image4225  Image2057  Image4219

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Update 21 may 2015

Both me and my mother are still being burned with DEW and my mother is still being hit with voice to skull to make her crazy. Her throat is being targeted and she is suffereing from sleep deprivation.

They are burning my lower intestines but also kidneys prostate and adjacent area’s.
They are now burning my testicles and penis and this probably instead of burning the left side of my face which has stopped a few days ago but they compensated this by burning the lower parts of my body.
There is a lot blood in my stools and the lower abdominal part of my body is inflated because of the burning. There also burning my eyelids and armpits.

Street theather and role playing acts along with colour coding are still being used with the stalking which is continious from the moment i walk outside until i return home.

The perpetartors are not allowing my to have a job and as such all the labour offices i wen’t to were playing silly acts dressed in pink mostly and selling me sarcastic and cinical behaviour.

I can regularly hear the perpetrators when they talk (or rather pretend to have a conversation….) that they will not allow me to earn a single euro. I wen’ to an office that is supposed to help the poor and they refused while performing silly acts at the time off my visit.

I heard them before saying ” It will be easiyer to turn him into a fag once he hits the streets. Well i’m not going to turn into fag that’s for sure, i don’t know how these fackers think but my life will just get more miserable and that’s basiqually it.
So i can’t get a job they broken my cell phone, house phone made sure i can’t get any financial help but is that going to transform me into a fag? I don’t facking think so!

They will just succeed into inprisoning me until i die in their devilworshipping cesspool (country) and that’s it. I will be tortured until i die a very miserable death.

As for those who wan’t to use my suffering and exploit it don’t even think about that either.
I’m not intending to join any masonic devilworshipping sect and i’m certainly not going to be part of the coming deception (fake satanic revolutions for the new world order)

You know those liars telling everybody “people should change they way they live, put other puppets in place in governments, start some kind of war against banks, join devilworshiping sects, selling crap like were are all love we are all one we will transcend into a new dimension of consiousness homosexuality is very good ect ect ect”

This kind of nonsense is being spread like wildfire and it’s definitely pagan whoreshit made by herectics.
Common i’m waaaaaaaaay too intelligent to fall for that.

Same thing applies to those telling there is no difference beteen religions or the fact that aliens (devils) have invented them, all part off the coming deception.As we approach the summer the perpetrators are increasing the threats of eviction which could take place this summer as early as june or july which coincides with the coming financial crash. Is this part of their street theather act? Who knows i do feel the threat of eviction is real nonetheless.

The reason for that is very simple: they have effectively cut me off from any means of earning money i also heard them say they will cut me off from any aid that is normally offered to homeless people. In an attempt to let me starve on the streets while hitting me with dew. The threats of killing my mother were also being reiterated again.

The fag thinks this is going to transform me into one his kind….

But the truth is no person on this planet can be “transformed” a persons heart cannot be changed. Same thing applies to a persons integrity it is in my opinoin eternal.
I only fall in love with women and that’s never going to change! This is how GOD (the almighty the mercifull) created my soul. And that’s a good thing too!

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09 may 2015

Just more off the same. The use of DEW ect.
Oh i should have mentioned the shredding of clothes regularly that’s also a bad habbit they have.

Today i happened to check my mail and found a very sarcastic reply from an interim bureau sending me a mail to explain to me that i have to find a working phone and call them.

Apparantly they can’t tell me to visit their office by mail. But they can however send me sarcastic email replies….The name of that office is called randstadd interim.

Such a hassle how aim i supposed to find a job in this mess?

Anyway monday i have a job interview or something like that and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is just going to be another display of role playing and cinical behaviour.

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07 may 2015 update

The past days until now have been a repeat of the same. My mother is still sick because off DEW (burning her throat) and they are still making her insane with with Voice to Skull. They are also depriving her from her sleep.

They have been burning my intestines. This causes internal bleedings, the blood is mixed in my stools. It inflates the lower abdomen and i have to take laxatives regularly. It’s as if the digestion of the food grinds to a halt.

The left side of my face has also been targeted and i had to take a large quantity of painkillers that have a long list of unhealthy side effects.

But i don’t have any other choice. I took several times a walk outside in the middle of the night in the hope the pain would go away.

Sometimes this helpes but other times it don’t! Then i have to back home and take some more painkillers.
The pain streches over the left side off my upper and under jaw, the nose, the ear, the cheek my eye and even into my head!

The effect is so severe that it actually paralyzes the left side of my tong and my mouth to a certain extend. I’m guessing that it is the nerves that are affected.

A whisteling or buzzing sound can be heard when they are targeting the left side of my face. This sound is heard even if i close my ears.

They are also burning my genitals and under my armpits. I have a hard time urinating and have to go many times.
So i’m guessing the kidneys or near by area’s blatter prostate ect are also being burned.

This is the worst whenever i remotely think about dating a lady.
Like in the past couple of days i just thought about the possibility of meeting a beautifull lady at the workfloor, the mere thought sparked a blitz of role playing acts and immediately afterwords they start burning me and my mother more severly.

With stalking increasing on the street along with cheap acts and role playing all meant as intimidation and black mail. The message is clear and just a repetition off the past which is “Don’t even dare to even think about dating the opposite sex.”

Oh! And they took the time to break either the fixed phone line or the phone itself since it doesn’t work anymore. Probably due to the fact that i started looking after a job earliyer and that the perpetrators are not really happy about that either….

This is kind off bothersome since i don’t have a cell phone either. But hey i can still send emails assuming they will arrive at their destination isn’t that great!

The use of colour codes is still being done along with fabricated acts and role playing on the street and this from the moment i go outside until i return home!

That’s more or less the situation that i’m in.

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27 april 2015 update

The torture continious and is pretty much the same as in previous days. My mother is suffereing and on top off being hit with dew and Voice to skull she has to cope with that turd at home which has resumed terrorizing her by barking like dog at her for no reason all day long pretending to coock (day and night) while screaming at her threathening her making her life even more unbearable and miserable as it is. All this in the form off blackmail to make me service those faggots.

And naturally he takes drugs before performing his heroic acts against my mother. That facking piece of shit. He aslo takes time to trash the house with his stuff trashing the whole place on purpose. And naturally he regularly calls his homosexual friends to get encouragments and compliments for all his heroic work. (why aim not surprised of this?)

I have been hit pretty hard on the left side off my face taking pain killers isn’t working and spending hours outside at night is the only thing that releaves the pain. The stalking goes on unabaited with stupid role playing.

They are mastering like +/- 10 words or so for their acts which they repeat like broken records. They managed however to switch the order off the words they repeat like parrots. Wait i shouldn’t compare them to those particular animals as parrots can learn like 350 words! Hmmm. Anyway those turds are there even at night! Doesn’t matter when i go out.

My guts are also being scorched on top of that. And that’s not a pleasant feeling especially with all the painkillers that i have to take each day.

They have also managed to influence the interim offices and as such those aren’t really in a hurry to give a job anytime soon as they are just selling sarcastic remarks and cinical behaviour instead off helping me find a job.

Many off the workers there are dressed in pink well that’s to show they have been visited by the pink fan team as they like to call themselves. It’s basiqually the faggot or should i say his crew putting his signature again on all his great accomplishments…….

Well that’s it for today i’m still in hell and going deeper in there by the day….

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23 april 2015 update

The last couple off days since the last post have been a nightmare. My mother is still being hit pretty hard with voice the skull and DEW. Their making her sick and also depriving her from her sleep.

I have been hit at the left side of my face: upper and under jawbone are badly radiated. The pain is so severe it stretches to my left ear left eye and also the left side of my head.

I’m taking lot’s of painkillers which are unhealthy at the doses i’m taking them but i have no choice at night the pain keeps me awake sometimes entire nights sometimes hours with intervals between sleeping a bit and awakening off the pain again.

The radiation makes a whisteling sound. this sound is heard in my brains as i can still hear it even when i close my ears. Focussing during the pain is impossible i can only lay down and take painkillers when the effect is at 100%. Which starts early in the evening.

The painkillers are making me sick as mentioned above they are very unhealthy and promote heart failure if taken with excess. But what choice do i have?

Yesteday i wen’t outside at 1.30 in the morning i couldn’t even lay on my bed or anything even after taking the painkillers!

So i wen’t to a park 1km or so from my house and just sat there. The pain subsided which is no surprise since it initially came from being irradiated at home.
But it is still cold at night and sleeping on the bench in that park is impossible (very uncomfortable).

So i wen’t back at home at 4 in the morning. And the perpetrators wen’t outside and made it clear they had turned it on again (actually they always do this whenever they turned the torture devices on, this is being done for black mail purposes or just bragging about it…). And indeed this time the buzzing sound was even louder and the pain returned but i was tired and managed to fall asleep.

Upon waking up the pain was there and stayed today even at the time off writing.
I managed to go to a labour office and subscribed myself.
While I was using one off the computers they made at the disposal of the unemployed to search for work i had a hard time focussing because off the pain.
I don’t know how i aim supposed to find a job and work like this.

Aside from the left side of my face getting scorched my intestines are also being hit pretty hard this affects even my lower body prostate blatter. Urinating is difficult and there ois blood mixed in my stools.

The stalking is still ongoing colour codes are used everywhere and they are still perforning stupid acts and role playing.

To summerize life is still living hell for me and my mother and there is no end in sight to our ordeal.

I just hope these fackers get what they deserve some day. One can only hope for such a miracle.

That’s it for this post.

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15 april 2015 Physical aggression against my mother.

Yesterday the criminals who are torturing my mother resorted to physical agression on the street against her!

I wen’t out to get my renewwed ID-card and when i came back i saw her face injured scratched from both sides. She was shaking and terrorized and told me she had a fight outside.

I asked her to give me details so i could call the police and search after the criminals who did it, but she refused to tell me anything and refused to call the police. (obviously she was too scared to do it)

This is how low they these sick inbred fucks lower themselves too. When i wen’t back outside it was clear that this was their doing and they were as usual very proud off it. As i mentioned it before their cowardness knows no boundaries.

They were sending stalkers dressed in green (my mother weares a green coat = colour code to designate her…) one off the stalkers a skinny woman dressed in green and blue had the same injuries and scratches on her face…..(the blue colour is used whenever i remotely think about dating women as i like women with blue eyes the most = clour code….)

They were also sending stalkers dressed in pink (colour code to designate the faggot) it is the kunt putting his signature for the mischief perpetrated against me and my mother.

Whenever they commit a crime they always send stalkers dressed in pink. The perpetartors call themselves the pink fan team by the way or feminizeres or sometimes fagotizers.

Their job is to use torture as black mail to force me to prostitute myselves for their damn faggots. I’m definitely not going to do that!

Aside from the crime they commited yesterday they are still bombarding her with voice to skull and she is still sick as they are still using directed weapons against her. The same applies to me: the side off my upper and under left jaw has been burned during the night and has gotten infected.because off that i could only sleep a few hours at night. My intestines are also being hit as well as my genitals.

I suspect that when i starting searching for a job the mere thought about meeting a nice lady on the workfloor has sparked an avalanche off hate in those damn faggots.
Thy are clearly showing the intention off not letting me find a job. As i can regularly hear them talking about how i could use the money to get back in my home country algeria.

But this is evidently a load off garbage at best as it would take months for the algerian consulate to grant me one off those new bio metric passports if they agree to grant it at all….

And on top off that i’m too believe that the belgium secert service can’t make a deal with the algerian authorities to deny me the access to passport. (yeah right, off course you’d have to be an ass to believe that)

On the positive side off things they refrained a little bit from using their very limited vocabulary (probably kind off embarrased after reading my earliyer post….) Now they have to find new words to learn to those low life scum doing their bad acting on the street and at home (the turd posing as my brother is also actively participating in the bad acting and role playing = mostly terrorizing my mother while barking for no reason at her that fucking drug addict)
By the way he couldn’t refrain himself to show how glad he was upon seeing my mother injured, he was in a very good mood yesterday and was congratulating his homosexual friends at the back end off the pone line.

This agression against my mother: i will not forget it! And when the times come (for example when i have to make a choice whether it is good to back to algeria) i will remeber this particular crime.

So that’s it for today basiqually things have just worsened but i’m still keeping it togheter.

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13 April 2015

Usual stuff their still hitting my mother with voice to skull andd dew and using it in the form off black mail.

Except perhaps in my case my kidneys have been hit pretty hard for a while and they switched to burning the left side of my face, well the upper and lower left jaw.

I also had some sleepless nights because of this. I think it’s being done with ultra sounds.
The perpetrators were in a frenzy yesterday night squeeling like pigs in the neighborhood and causing such a ruccus, in their backyards they were selling cheap acts and rol playing.

What bothers me the most is not the squeeling or barking :it’s the bad acting! My god it is being done in such a miserable way, it’s dreadfull. They just keep repeating the same incoherent nonsense over and over (lack off intelligence or arguments or both…)

This is what they were squeeling (as usual) “It’s always the same!”, “Beat him”, “Cheater”,”Yes running around”, “Running away”, “Masturbating”, “Yes always the same”,”It’s over”, “It’s finished”(very original!), “He is going to die”(even more original) I think that about covers their entire vocabulary.

“kick his ass”,”challenging us” and that’s about it!
“It’s always the same” refers to me not joining the satanic cabal
“kick his ass” is just another way to say burn him
“cheater” is used whenever i post about it on the internet thus exposing them (for them torturing and killing is like a video game….)
“running away” well this refers to me going back to algeria my real and only country
“challenging us” well these inbreds tend to have a very weak personality and they feel challenged well whenever i do something basiqually any action is seen as challenging their gargantuan ego. (they actually think they are gods or something like that when in reality they’re just criminals with mind reading technology and dew weapons)
“masturbating” this should be obvious after buring my prostate and testicles to only way for to relieve myself of the pain in that particular area. (clearing the prostate of the infection)

This bullshit is their entire vocabulary. They also tend to use this restricted vocabulary when communicating with each other (but then again i wonder if they no off other words?). Except off course if coughing like pigs is added to their vocabulary….

There are actually animals like parrots and chimps (trough keyboard with words as keys) that have a much broader vocabulary than these inbred retards.

But then again when your hobby is to burn and masturbate the crap of people this tend to reduce ones intellectual capacity in the long run.

As i’m writing these words they are already doing it just outside my house they are actually rebuilding the sewer in our street. And naturally those low lifes are being used for retarded street theater acts and role playing using the words described above (how did that ever happen…).

Well the left side of my mouth getting scorched is the bigger issue here it’s causing an infection it’s painfull and they typically do it like day and night.At night being the worst.

Can’t seem to understand what all this is about if i expose them i get incinerated if i don’t i get hit even more. This is such a bothersome and strange situation.

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From 19 februari 2015

25 march 2015

I just wan’t to add a few words to describe what i wrote since 19 februari 2015 on my previous website.

Well as from 19 februari 2015 i had been hit day and night during several days in a row i think it’s +/- 10 days. This has injured me and incapacitated me to the point that i couldn’t move go to the bathroom or eat anything for 5 or 6 days in a row.

I just drank water and ate one orange a day during that time frame. I was screaming crying in agonizing pain and the thought of commiting suicide to end the pain crossed my  mind several times.

The area that was being scorched was in the lower part of my body: the left side of my backside (buttocks) extending to the adjacent area’s up to my testicles.

It created a massive infection that was so big it effectively closed my backside it was creating pressure against the right side. It was inflated in a way that is difficult to describe.

The colour and texture of the skin changed and felt numb. But the pain it created was intolerable.
After six days or so two holes appeared and infected puss came out in massive quantities. This released the pressure and from then on i could move a bit and sit sporadically.

So a month later i write about it on this blog because the details of this event are written in my previous blog which i have discontinued due to account problems.

As it stands there is a scar on my left backside and the adjacent area’s are still numb. It maybe that the nerves are permanently damaged in those area’s.
The scar itself isn’t fully healed or should i say closed yet. It is however on the process to be fully closed.

I think the burning effects extend way beyond the skin.
For example i almost don’t feel anything upon ejaculating so the prostate and nearby areas might have been affected as well with permanent tissue damage.
This numbness extend almost to my  testicles.

This is essentially what happened since 19 februari 2015. I could not go to the hospital since i’m flat broke and was left to scream in pain in my cold room since have no heating.
And it was cold during that peoid of time!

I could not move for days nor sit nor go to the bathroom for days. And during those ten days they kept hitting that spot day and night. This is what led me to start doing something about it.

I realize now that i’m in a vulnerable situation and something needs to be done.

So this it for this post just a recap from 19 februari 2015.

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At the interim offices

24 march 2015

The stalking and the burning is still ongoing on my mother and myself. My mother is sick and looks terrorized and confused. The result of ongoing voice to skull assaults (insults, obscene remarks, music, name callings, swearing, blasphemies, threats ect) and sleep deprivation as well as being burned with DEW (directed energy weapons).

The targeted area is her thyroid gland (throat) making her hyperactive and very irritated. Other area’s might be hit as well as she is clearly suffering.

In my case it is my bowels and gentitals that are still being hit. And adjacent internal lower body parts as well (kidneys, prostate ect) .

Yesterday i wen’t to 4 interim offices (employment offices) to search for work.

I wen’t to to one named T-interim where the pesonel was performing an act a man (clearly homosexual ffrom the wway he speaks and giggles) dressed in orange and green (the use of color codes: will be explained in the methods and tactics page later on) was yakking out loudly in a very antagonizing way using allegations related to earliyer thoughts or actions related to myself.
He was pretending to have this vivid conversation with another person also color coded. (mostly in green, this is in connection to my mother usually wearing a long green coat).
The underlying message here is” she is going to be burned by the faggot.”

I wen’t to another bureau named randstadd callforce and while sitting and waiting my turn they were already sending color coded sons of bitches. There was also a problem with my online subscription but they told me they were going to mail my resume and that everything is going to be just fine…

At flexpoint the 3th bureau things were quiet different, the person handling my inscription asked why i was unemployed for a period of time of 7 years! Since i didn’t work after what happened in 2008. I didn’t wan’t to talk about it in a place like that so i tried to explain that this is not easy for me to talk about.

Well obviously if i become careless i might get evicted before the time arrives for that to happen. But that person rightfully sensed there was something i was hiding and wanted to dig in.
So she kept persisting until i told her that the government is involved without giving to much details. I repeatedly asked her to check my blog since i have included it in my resume but to no avail, she decided not to help me find a job.

Well i can understand her reaction but i’m in no position to talk about it freely in public places. By the way while i was inside at the end someone entered and started to cough in a loud and rude manner repeatedly, so the perpetrators were already there doing their thing. I do not know whether this was a fabricated act but honestly i don’t think so. It seemed to me that the personel in there really wanted to help me.

Finally i wen’t to asap interim the 4th labour office where things wen’t a bit better. I had a nice conversation with a lady in there who took my resume copied it explained to me there were no applications for inbound call center agents at the moment but if i wanted i could try a job as outbound sales agent (strangely enough the fact that i didn’t work the last 7 years didn’t bother her at all?)
But since i have no commercial skills or experience i declined. Oddly enough the employment adress was in the same street where i got tortured in 2008 (hmmm) that was a little odd… I wonder if it is in the same building too…

Anyway i was being stalked in the street too and color codes were being used extensively and repeatedly. And this from the moment i set foot outside until i get home. So in essence nothing has changed the torture is still ongoing.

I regretfully found out on the internet that an excellent forum about gangstalking has been discontinued. They left the forum archived so that it could still be viewed but it is no more active.

I think it was called gangstalking united or multistalking victims or something like that. This is kind of sad to see.

I’m desperately trying to find a good forum about gangstalking on the internet but for me this is difficult as my internet acces time is limited. On the positive side i found a video that i will link on the video page in media.

So this is it for today.

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